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Building a Real Application: Planet Express

About the Series

Planet Express is a real world application built to showcase the best features of single page applications. It takes all of the previous concepts to a whole new level by introducing small layers of complexity with each new episode. You'll see the application go from flat, screenshot comps, to a fully fledged, working application.


I would happily pay $100 for this video [Episode 7]. It's that good... It's easily taken 6 months off my learning curve. Evan Hobbs

This is the only series that really shows you how to put together a full-featured web-site in any depth. It really fills a void, and I'm super grateful to have found them. Andrea Longhi

As someone new to Backbone/Marionette these episodes have accelerated my learning tremendously. Andrew Moreno

    • #7
      Crew Members
      May 6, 2013

      Crew members will be created, retrieved, updated, and deleted by building a re-usable form component handling loading animations, validation errors, and buttons. We'll explore routing and events in detail, along with Marionette Controllers. (180 mins)

      Topics Covered
      • Converting static HTML
        • Listing Crew Members
        • Showing Empty Views
      • Server Side
        • Crew Models
        • JSON
        • Routes
      • CRUD for Crew Members
        • Creating
        • Retrieving
        • Updating
        • Deleting
      • Form Management
        • Validations
        • Configuration
        • Loading Indicators
        • Animations
      • Overriding Backbone Sync
        • Custom Model Events
        • jQuery Promises
        • Fetching Dependencies
      • Navigation
        • Detailed Strategies
        • Moving between pages
      • Plugins
      • Marionette Controllers
        • Base Controller Classes
        • Converting to Instances
        • DRY'ing up Code
      • Testing Tools
        • Registering Instances
        • Finding Memory Leaks
    • #8
      Admin Pages - Part 1
      Jan 20, 2014

      Professor Farnsworth and Hermes needs an administrative area pronto! We'll begin by building out these admin pages, while refactoring duplicated code into mixins. We'll also extract and organize our folder and file structure, while moving presentational logic out of our templates. I'll show how you to deal with nested region dependencies, and how to rebuild the state of your view by going through multiple application modules. (120 mins)

      Topics Covered
      • Code Maintenance
        • Mixins & Behaviors
        • Utility Modules
        • Revisiting Folder Structure
        • Extracting Reusable Plugins
      • Advanced View Management
        • Nested Regions
        • Anchor Link Management
        • Optimizing View Removal
      • Rapid Development
      • Track Selected Models
        • Single / Multi Select
        • Creating Reusable Concerns
        • Monkey Patching Classes
      • Javascript Inheritance
        • Advanced Topics
        • Prototypes Explored
        • Static Class Inheritance
        • Metaprogramming
      • Custom Regions

    More Episodes Coming Soon!

  • Errata
    When I find a bug in code that was released with a screencast, I will upload a new version of the code and document the problem here. If you've downloaded the code.zip file prior to the date listed on each bug, then simply download the code again using the link you received when you purchased the episode. This ensures you will have the latest version.
    Episode #07
    Date Bug Found Fix

    May 07, 2013

    NoMethodError when adding new crew members if there were previously zero.

    Added another existential operator model?.isDestroyed?() to ensure that 'isDestoyed' it is a valid callable method on the model.